Terms & Conditions


We are TheProRanker.com, and we possess all the rights in governing these terms and conditions, which rule your usage of our website, theproranker.com. Before you can use our website, you must accept these terms and conditions that we provide. If you disagree with these terms and conditions, and/or in any part of its content, you must not and/or never use our website.

Visitors of the website who are Minor/under the age of 18 shall not register as a User of the website and shall not transact on or use the website and services. The user is responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of his account.

Authorization and restriction

The Pro Ranker maintains the theproranker.com website. To inform you about our company and services including related information about our company and services through other platforms are available on our website. However, if you download or copy anything from our website, omit any matter that concerns copyrights and intellectual rights violations, or damage our company website’s reputation, lawful actions will be taken.

Pertinent regulations are listed below.

Don’t republish, reproduce, duplicate, copy, use material on/from our website for republication on another website, commercial, marketing, or even selling and renting purposes.

Modification and redistribution of any material from this website are restricted except for contents solely and legally created to be used for the site’s Publication.

Our website should not be used in any unlawful, illegal, fraudulent or harmful motive or scheme, which causes or may cause harm, or limit and damage our capabilities and capacities in ruling this website.

Usage that links our website to any spyware, computer virus, or another illegal or hostile computer software, through copying, storing, hosting, transmitting, sending, using, or publishing any of our website’s materials are unauthorized.

We own all of the intellectual rights and materials in our website, thus, any illegal or unauthorized systematic or automated data collection schemes with but not limited to scraping, data mining, extraction and harvesting are prohibited.

Restricted access

Certain areas on our website might be restricted and/or inaccessible. Permission to access these areas might need Login data such as user ID and password from our end.

We may provide you with Login data, but these data must be directly confidential. We can, at any time and means, engage and revoke your Login data, restrict your access to other areas of our website, or in fact, our whole website, at our disposition and/or without your knowledge.

Limitations of liability

We aim to provide and maintain our website to be informative and versatile, however, circumstances might limit our capability to handle our website's precision and sustain its availability including the updates of information and materials it holds. These terms and conditions and/or any part of it will not bar nor inhibit our responsibility for any unlawful affairs caused by our incapability and negligence.

Nonetheless, these terms and conditions are primarily related to the proper use of our website bonded with its authorization and restrictions, and so, we won’t and never be held responsible for the following:

Any consequential, indirect or special loss or damage, loss of profit, income, revenue, anticipated savings, contracts, business, goodwill, reputation, data, or information.

Any loss or damage surfacing out of any event or events beyond our reasonable authority.

Breach of these terms and conditions

In case of any breach committed by you, in any part of these terms and conditions, we won’t be held liable for any losses, damages, costs and expenses. Without disadvantage to our other prerogatives sited in these terms and conditions, if you violate these terms and conditions in any way, you will undertake and reimburse in full, what we have expended including but not limited to legal expenses, amounts paid in settlement of a claim or dispute legally to a third party which we all shouldered and suffered too. And we have the right to take legal actions to dispense necessary measures to you including restriction on accessing our website in all means, and/or bringing a lawsuit against you.


To improve our website and provide better service to our clients, we may update these terms and conditions from time to time. Provided that the updates shall benefit the website, company, and our clients. Visit our webpage constantly for easy comprehension of our updates and latest versions.


We, the TheProRanker.com , have the rights to transfer or sub-contract if needed, to allot with our responsibilities and privileges which are all sited in these terms and conditions. And we may do so without your knowledge or permission, for we reserve all the rights of our website.


We follow under the rules and regulations of the law. Therefore, if any part of these terms and conditions were proven to be unlawful by the respected authorities, we shall and immediately eradicate the unlawful parts and/or whatever the respected authorities dictate to be done.

Exclusion of third party rights

These terms and conditions are for the interest of our clients and us only. Third parties don’t have any rights on our website as sited and have nothing to do with these terms and conditions. We will not trade with or provide any services to any third party, especially to OFAC and sanctioned countries.